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Cleaning Supplies

We suggest that you provide the following supplies:

Glass cleaner (Windex)
Furniture polish (Endust, Pledge, etc.)
Floor Cleaner (Pinesol, Armstrong)
<–(Whatever is recommened by manuf.)
Tub and Shower Cleaner(Softscrub or CLR) *No Bleach Please*
Commode brush and bowl cleaner.
Counters (409 or granite cleaner)
Cleaning Cloths (No old undergarments)
Scotch brite scrubbing sponges
Paper towels for mirrors and commodes
Working vacuum with clean bag
Floor vacuum if all wood or tile(Riccar Omni)
String Mop, broom (long handle) and dust pan
Long handled Swiffer duster

Proper cleaning supplies and equipment will enable our employees
to do a better job of cleaning and do it more efficiently.